What you need to travel!!!!

Is good to travel

Its a good thing to travel because you can see other places and other people to learn about that place and those people.Many people think that traveling is hard and not eazy to do but it is all you need is a plane so that it can be eazy.Many other people dont like to travel but some do it helps them when they are angry so they travel.

what you do to travel

what you need

You need to buy a tickit so that you can get on the plain,train,and bus but the why you need to get the tickit is to get is a month befor you lave.What you do is get the tickit save money you will have money for your trip and buy things on your trip.

What you need to have

What you need to have is clothes for every day you will be there and have you tooth brush and every thing else.Youneed to now what you will take and not take so thae you will not take alot of things.

why is it good to travel

Its good to travel becuase you can see many things and see lots of other things you can see in your life have now more memoris that you have in your life to tell about.You other people and your children about.

Why its good to travel

its good to travel because when you are angry and upset you can travel so that you can have nothing to be mad and take qa brack from every thing .That is why many people have gone traveling.