A Christmas Carol

By Charles Dickens


I think that you should go see A Christmas Carol because it is entertaining, humorous, and easy to understand. First of all, you won't get bored because there is always something going on. Secondly, it has some humorous elements to it because they sneak some jokes into it. Lastly, it was much easier to understand then the book because it doesn't have as much old school language. In conclusion, A Christmas Carol is a very fun experience.


Scrooge and I have both made sacrifices in our lives. For example, one sacrifice Scrooge made was that he sacrificed his money to give Bob Cratchit a pay raise. Another sacrifice Scrooge made was when he sacrificed his money again to help the poor? In addition, a sacrifice I have made was when I went to a restrant that I didn't want to go to and sacrificed my time. In conclusion, nearly everyone has made a sacrifice in their own lives.