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recycling is you

What would you do

Hot summer day at the beach. Now you finished the can you drank, you sit on the sand, enjoying life. But what to do with the can that you have in hand? You know and understand why you can not throw and dirty and buried in the sand that's not such a good idea (someone might step on and get hurt). Not far, you have a trash can. Should be a place, but it seems a good solution ...

But then you remember: Recycling !!! What to do with the can?

Why we need to recycle?

Why we need to recycle?

we need to recycle, because if we don't we have no chance to live in this plant. every second we hare and read this flyer 5 trees is cut and so much oil is destroyer the see. because we use alot of plastic and paper if you wont to make the cange reed this flyer to the end.

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How to recycle?


Whan we use things and we don't need them any more we can reuse them. When we reuse things we use this used things to other activiti.


We throw the paper,plastic and matel to the speaciel bins.


when we not neeed things we give them to someone need this and this is reuse.

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America Recycles Day

Sunday, Nov. 15th, 12am

Washington, DC, America

Washington, DC