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A Few Notes From The Editor: Mrs. Scheperle

- Thank you everyone for the donation of apples! We had a bit of a late start to that day so we ended up with cooked apples instead of sauce - but most of the kids didn't seem to mind! :)

- Thank you for sending in your book orders! If you didn't get a chance to order I will send another order form home in the middle of October.

- We have the author, Bridget Heos, visiting our school in November. If you would like to purchase a book for your child to have autographed, an order form has been sent home.

That's it for now!

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Have a SUPER week!

Mrs. S.

Thank you for working so hard with your child each night! Whether it is working on their letters, sight words and/or reading with them - it helps your child see that your are invested in their learning! Please return books each day and sight words when they can read them.

In Other News

Reading: This is our last week discussing Schema and making connections. We are focusing on making connections from the book to ourselves, other books, and the world around us. Ask your child what connections they make to the books you read to them!

Phonics: We will continue working on letter sounds. We will focus on the letters Bb and Rr.

Phonemic Awareness: We will be working on identifying beginning sounds.

Writing: We will continue Writer's Workshop this week. We will be working on building our stamina as a writer and adding words to our stories by really stretching them out and hearing as many sounds as we can.

Math: We are focusing on identifying, writing and representing the numbers 0-10.

Science/Social Studies: This week we will be learning about magnets and how pushing and pulling help us in the world.

Conscious Discipline Spot

If your child is exhibiting inappropriate behavior, one way to handle it is to:

-tell them to stop,

-tell them what was wrong and why.

After a consequence is finished,,discuss with your child different ways they can better handle that situation next time. (After all – we all make mistakes!)