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The Week Ahead

M/W/F-Language of the Day (LOD) is Spanish

T/ Th-Language of the Day (LOD) is English

Monday, February 1

  • PBIS Meeting 3:40 QUEST room
  • 6th Grade Worth the Wait begins
  • Lesson plans and newsletters due

Tuesday, February 2

  • Groundhog Day

Wednesday, February 3

  • College Colors Day

Thursday, February 4

  • 2nd Grade Collaboration

Friday, February 5

  • RtI


Morning Announcements: Jester/ENance

Character First Trait for February: Forgiveness

Celebrating Each Other~

Casey Goff

Janet Anderson

Jess Huffman

Rosey Gray

Happy February Birthdays!

Feb 5-Candy Frizzell (cafe)

Feb 18-Cassie Bell

Feb 21-Rhiannon Montgomery

Feb 21-Jenny Stilwell

Rita Pierson: Every kid needs a champion

Love and Logic-Flying Off the Handle

Is there anyone in your life that seems to fly off the handle at the slightest perceived insult? Do you know anyone who throws verbal barbs and biting accusations your way any time you try to engage in conversation?

If you have vital signs, the odds are very high that you do.

Success with occasionally angry people…as well as the chronically ticked-off variety…involves remembering three essential truths:

He who angers me controls me.

The person who does the least talking has the most power.

Questions create thinking…but statements create resistance.

The first truth reminds us that we maintain our personal power only when we choose to separate ourselves from the other’s anger. Empathy provides a powerful tool for accomplishing this. That's right! When we perceive the other person as hurting…rather than obnoxious…we are far less likely to find ourselves being triggered by their ire.

The second truth reminds us that the ears are mightier than the mouth. Some people remain angry and confrontational regardless of how well we attempt to understand their point of view. Most, however, calm significantly when they see that we care enough to listen.

The third truth reminds us that thoughtful, sincere questions cause others to think. Examples include:

How long have you felt this way?

What do you wish would happen here?

Can you tell me more?