Fantastic 4th Grade April 2016

Ms. Ayala, Ms. Koza, Ms. Pecoraro amd Ms. Peguero


The students will be taking their standardized test in the ELA. Once the exam is over the students will be analyzing the tone, voice, and the purpose a poet has in his poems. The students will take what they have learned in their independent books and apply it in reading poetry.

In writing the students will learn how to compose original poetry. They will learn that poetry comes in different forms and it is not as difficult as they think to write poetry. The students will also be taking the written portion of the ELA.


In mathematics the students will be continuing to study geometry, measurement, and data. They will measure and draw angles, learn about 2-dimensional figures, and solve problems involving measurements and conversion of measurements. They will also learn how to find the area and perimeter of plane figures.

Social Studies

In social studies the students will be finish studying the causes and the effects of The British dominance on the colonies which led to The American Revolutionary War and to its independence.


The students will be studying about the Earth and its rotation cycle.

Dual-Language Corner

Los estudiantes estan trabajando en Ensayos Literarios donde los estudiantes estan Leyendo un libro y respondiendo de el libro. Tambien los estudiantes estaran leyendo poesia duarante el mes de Abril.

Upcoming Events

~ Science Exploratorium- April 1st

~ NYS ELA Exam April 5, 6, 7, 2016

~ NYS Math Exam April 13, 14, 15, 2016

~ NYSESLAT Speaking April 12-May 13 (ENL Students only)

~ NYSESLAT Written May 2- 13 (ENL Students only)

~ NYS Science Performance Exam May 25- June 3

~ NYS Science Performance Exam June 6

Parent Tip of the Month

~ Google New York State ELA and Math exams to find additional test prep materials.

** Please be sure your child arrives on time on the days of the exam and has a healthy breakfast. Thank you! **