Namitha Arumugam

Colonial Times

Table of contents

Chapter 1-All About Colonial Times.

Chapter 2-Children Had A Difficult Role

Chapter 3-Trading Solves

Chapter 4-Family Farms.

Chapter 5-Punishments Were Harsh In The 1600's!

Chapter 6-Jobs Were A lot Of Work In Colonial Times.

Chapter 7-The Other Side Of The Story.

Chapter 8-Food Was Important

Then and Now

Colonial times was important because you used the colonists knowledge and use it in a better way. For example we use houses, fire, and jobs in a better way. We make the houses more comfortable, the fire is used to cook, light and keep warm and the jobs they do in colonial times are changed a little so you can get more money. This is why colonial times was important.

All About Colonial Times

Colonial times were important.

Have you ever wondered how people travel, communicate, and a lot more in colonial times? Colonial Times has very interesting things. Colonial times were important for people because they all need these things. The first one is homes, second is transportation, third one is communication, and finally they needed creativity. Now let’s get started. It’s getting late. Tick tock.

Back in time you see your house. It is small. Not beautiful as your one right now. You see your farther making glass windows. Your mom is busy cooking. You don’t have a bedroom. You sleep around the fire place. You see people building their own houses. Everyone has a job. This is the way a home is.

A man is looking for a way to go to another town. Finally he finds one. He decides to go on the snow roller. It feels relaxing and you can watch the horses pull. What fun. Now he decides to go to another town. He decides to go on the concord coach. It is like if he is Cinderella inside a carriage. As he goes he sees people building more railroads. He also sees the cog railway. Then the man decides to go to Europe. He goes on the ship for the first time and gets seasick. Finally he arrives and stays in Europe. Home sweet home.

I have some news to share. I want it to be printed on the newspaper. But which newspaper. Maybe the old newspaper. Nah. It’s a dirty color. What about the cloud newspaper. It is beautiful white. Hey but how does the telegraph work? The telegraph is a horseback. It is the fastest way to send a message. I don’t want to use that still. What about the translantic cable. Nah. It’s only for sending messages through underwater. I’ll do cloud newspaper. I’m only in it.

Back in colonial times almost everything was made out of wood. Let’s take a look. This bench is made out of flowers and leaves. Some benches were made out of wood. Hey look! That little girl is making a sampler. A sampler is a piece of fabric. That mom right next to her is making a quilt. It’s beautiful. This is the kind of creativity colonists had in colonial times.

Now did you see a lot of interesting things. Look how important all these things are.

Children have a difficult role in colonial times

Children in colonial times.

It’s time to have an adventure. In colonial times children had a difficult role because punishments were severe, if parents got sick children had to do the work and eating. Let’s dig in to find why children’s role were difficult.

One reason that children’s role is difficult is because punishments were cruel. For example, kids had to do more chores if parents got sick, they would be beaten or they couldn’t have dinner. To demonstrate a kid made 3 mistakes at school in a row. So the father gave him 3 punishments. One was doing more chores, having no dinner how awful. The last one is beaten. This is why in colonial times children had a difficult role

Another reason in colonial times children had a difficult role is that if parents got sick children had to do all the chores. For example kids had to cook everything,if parents got got sick .Now the kid has to do everything take care of farm and clean everything. That’s why in colonial times children had a difficult role.

Now you know why children had a difficult role in colonial times. Knowing about why children had a difficult role feels good. So now if anybody asks you ,you know what to reply.

Trading Solves

Trading in colonial times

Hi! I am Julia and I am a kid. I am 9 years old. I am poor. My father died a month before I wrote this. Right now it is raining and it is 6:00 at night time. It is very cold. I am just sitting in my chair thinking about what we should do if we have no wood and still now.

My family is very poor since my dad died. My mom is very hungry and right now she sitting in her chair looking outside. My dad was a hunter and was attacked by a bear. Then the bear was attacked by people. My mom can’t cook because there is no fire. She also can’t clean because it’s to dark. My mom is very serious about everything. My dad is fun. I wish my dad was here and did he really had to die on my birthday.

First of all we have so many trees. But we have no axe. Where would have it gone. Let me explain it. A day after my dad died my mom started cutting the trees. She left it on the ground to get a cup of coffee. When she came back the ax was gone. She said the word bad luck for the rest of the day. Even when someone was talking to her she would say bad luck. So now the ax is lost forever.

As my mom was sitting in her chair she finally said’’ go trade the crops for wood. But it’s raining, cold, and night time’’. She just told me to go. I felt bad for myself. I wonder why she can’t do it. It’s not that I am lazy. Here is a secret. My mom is lazy. That explains it all.

I took a basket and picked some crops and went on my way. I was really scared. I thought I was going to die. Then I saw that my neighbor didn’t have any crops.I knocked on the door. It was Mrs. L. I said’’ can I trade these crops for wood. She said’’ I have so much wood. Take it. ’’The wood was very heavy Mrs. L had to help me which means I have enough. Finally I arrived home. My mom immediately started cooking.

It felt nice on a cold rainy night. We survived the winter and so did you.

Family Farms

Family Farms in colonial times

Let’s take a look at family farms back in colonial times. There are many things to look in family farms. Family farms are important for everybody. Let’s go through some of the important things. They are smokehouse, root cellar, chicken coop and corn crib. Let’s find out why in colonial times these things are important. Let’s go have an adventure.

During in colonial times smokehouses is where they fuel a fire. For example they use hickory bark and corn cobs. The smoke from the fire preserves the meat from spoiling. Smokehouses were only in family farms. The floor a smoke house is so messy that the floor is = to 1 house full of dirt. It is so dirty you won’t believe your eyes. Smokehouses were important because that’s how they get their food.

In colonial times root cellar is where families stored their food. It’s kind of like a refridgator because it makes the food cold. Also vegetables are kept in a root cellar so they don’t freeze. The root cellar is built underground but not all the way. The root cellar is like a subway. The root cellar was important because it preserved all the peoples food.

During colonial times chicken coop is where chickens are. People keep them and feed them. For example people collect the eggs from them. First of all that’s the reason they have a chicken coop. Chicken coop is the same meaning as chicken house. Chicken house is not a place to cook chickens. Back in time people did not eat chickens but ate egg. Chicken coop is very important because it gave them eggs to eat.

In colonial times a corn crib is where people stored their corn. The corn was harvested and shucked. This place helped the corns to stay fresh. For example a corn crib is only for corn. Another reason is that other vegetables should not be in the corn crib. That’s how the corn crib got it’s name. Corn crib is important for survival. Everything that happened in colonial times is for survival.

You just saw so many things in family farms. Now you understand why family farms are important.

You saw smoke houses, root cellar, chicken coop, and corn cribs more closely. It feels good to know all this information because if anybody asks you will be able to answer.

Punishments Were Very Harsh In Colonial Times!

Punishments in colonial times

Hi! I am Alexa.I am ten years old. I am rich. Right now it is bright 10;00 at early sunshine .Although am rich my dog passed away.’ ’Punishments in colonial time are cruel.’’ I am going to tell you why.

My family is awesome. Whatever I ask my dad he gets it for me. For example I asked him a necklace and in 10 minutes he came with the most beautiful necklace. My mom is very busy cooking and cleaning. My baby sister just sleeps and sometimes my mom forces her to stand up. I think dad is nice but not mom.

Today is school. I got to go. My teacher is very mean. You will see why. I arrive. I bite my finger nails. Oh no . The teacher saw me. He gave me a cared that said bite finger baby. I told you he was mean.

At dinner my legs were hurting so I sat on the chair. Mom yelled at me and forced me stand. I got grounded for week. Although my legs were hurting I had to stand. Life for me is horrible. I always get in trouble.

Rise and shine! The first thing me and dad did was have a talk. ‘’Alexa you have been getting in trouble a lot.’’ Mom said. I said nothing. So my mom took my hand and we both were walking.

Then we arrived. I got it. Mom was trying to show me punishments. She showed me a woman getting being ducked a man getting whipped. Then she took my hand and brought me home. From now on I will always behaved. So you should to.

Jobs Were Alot Of Work In Colonial Times.

Jobs in colonial times.

In colonial times jobs were a lot of work. Jobs were important because in case if something broke the person who has that job has to fix it ,if the people need something it won’t be there, and sometimes people can’t even work. I will tell you more as we get farther into the book.

One reason that jobs were important because if something broke the person who had that job has to fix it. For example if a silver spoon broke the silver smith has to fix it. If a clock broke the clock smith has to fix it and if a cabinet broke the cabinet maker has to fix it. To demonstrate your best silver pot broke. There is no job for that . How would you feel.

Another reason jobs were important is that if people need something it won’t be there. For example you need a spoon, a bowl, and a pot but there is none at the shop.

Another reason that jobs were important if the people don’t get what they need sometimes they can’t do their jobs. For example you are a carpenter and you need a hammer, nails and a ladder but there is nothing. This is why in colonial times jobs were a lot of work.

Now you can understand why in colonial times Jobs were a lot of is a good thing to know cause know your knowledge will improve.

The other side of the story

Abenaki's in colonial times

Hi! I am Rico and I am 6 years old. Right now it is night time at 9:00. I am an Abnaki. I don’t like colonists. They took my mom. Because of this I am going to get revenge by capturing a baby colonist. My brother is also joining. His name is Tico and he is 5 years old.

“Hey Tico it’s time.” I said.’’ I am ready he said. We opened the door carefully as we left as it screeched. We ran all the way until we saw colonists. “Get in your colonist costume.’’I said

As soon as I took my first step my costume fell down. Tico started running.’’ Help me I am

getting captured. TICO COME BACK.’’I said. He never listened. At least I have mom.

Tears rolled over my eyes. I will never see Tico or dad again. All of a sudden a idea plopped into my head.

I saw mom. We embraced each other.’’ Mom I have a plan. let’s tell the colonists we trade and they will let us free. ‘’What a wonderful plan’’ mom said.

Our plan worked perfectly. My mom grabbed a colonist in our way. We finally reached home. Tico and dad embraced us.

I am a true hero. This is my destiney.

Food was important

Food in colonial times.

In colonial times food was important. Without food colonists can’t survive, can’t have energy, and can’t work.Even it is the same thing also now. I will explain more when we get into the story.There is an adventure to begin.

One reason food was important is because they can’t survive. For example they starve, stay unhealthy, and they can’t move. To demonstrate you don’t have any food. You starve stay unhealthy, and you can’t move.You would be living in a hard life. This is why food is important.

Another reason food was important is that you don’t have energy. For example you can’t walk, you can’t stand and you can’t cook. To demonstrate you don’t have food so you can’t walk’ stand and you can’t cook. What would you do? This is why food is important.

The last reason food is important is that you can’t work. For example you can’t cut, can’t hammer, and can’t hold. To demonstrate you don’t have any food so you can’t cut, can’t hammer, and can’t hold because all these things goes in your job. This is why food is important

Now you understand why food was important in colonial times. This can also happen to you if you don't eat well. It is not good at all. Already kids don't have food to eat.So don't waste you food!


destiny-your job

communication-way to talk

Role- their



Knowledge-what you know

Plopped-comes all of a sudden

Forces- makes you do something

whipped-getting beaten

screeched-a type of noise