Jackson County

By: Paola Iseley

The History of Jackson County

  • Jackson County was founded in 1836
  • Jackson county was thoroughly explored by Cabeza de Vaca.
  • The French made settlement at Fort St.Louis in 1685
  • Many famous names are found on pages of the history of Jackson County, James Bowie, Stephen F. Austin, Robert LaSalle and Sam Houston.
  • Prestido La Bahia and mission Espiritu Santo de Zuniga were established at the site of LaSalle's old fort on Garcitas creek in 1722.
  • The first settlers began to arrive in December, 1821, but the provisional government refused to approve the Spanish grant.
  • In the 16th century inhabitants of this area were coastal bands known as Karankawas, and a number of inland groups referred to as the Coahuiltecans.