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This MCC Ed Tech Update is designed to keep you informed and to provide the tools you need to best utilize technology in your classroom.

GoGuardian Changes- International Students

Please note that International Students are no longer included in the group "MCC-HS" in GoGuardian. They have been separated out into their own category in order to tailor permissions to their needs.

So going forward, if you need to whitelist or blacklist items for your students please be sure to make the changes to all of the groups represented in your class: MCC-MS, MCC-HS and/or International Students.

Viewing Movies and Copyright Law

Did you know that when a teacher shows a movie in class, it's considered a "public performance" and subject to copyright restrictions? There are two scenarios in which a teacher can legally play a movie in class...

Educational Exemption

To use the educational exemption, all of the following criteria must be met:

  • A teacher or instructor is present.
  • The showing takes place in a classroom setting with only the enrolled students attending.
  • The movie is used as an essential part of the core, required curriculum being taught. (The instructor should be able to show how the use of the motion picture contributes to the overall required course study and syllabus.)
  • The movie being used is a legitimate copy, not taped from a legitimate copy or taped from TV.

Annual Site License

If the above criteria are not met, we can still show a movie under our annual site license, but in that case we can only show movies from studios covered by our license. If you'd like to show a movie and it doesn't meet all of the above criteria, it must be a movie from one of the following:

  • NBCUniversal
  • Columbia Pictures
  • Lionsgate
  • Sony Pictures
  • Focus Features
  • Screen Gems
  • Summit Entertainment


New Google Slides Feature: Slides Q&A

Last week Google Slides rolled out a brand new feature... live Q&A! This feature allows you to display a short URL at the top of your presentation that links to a feedback form. Students can enter their questions and you select which ones to display on screen. See the video below to find out more.
Introducing Slides Q&A: A new way to talk with your audience—not at them