The Russian Language

By: Matthew Dicken


The Russian language was developed based off of other languages. At first it was the people spoke Indo-European, but then gradually started to develop their own dialect communities. The communities began to separate westward and eastward, the Slavic tribes were separated and began to develop their own language. throughout many years more separation and different dialects would develop. Eventually the Russian language was developed, but was not an official language until the Russian Revolution in 1917. The reason for this would be that is when the people of Byelorussia declared independence, and created their own literary language based off of south-western dialects of the Minsk area, which is now Russian.


Since the language Russian was the official language for Soviets government the language diffused throughout other countries, who learned Russian to create trade and discuss documents. Also, the Russian language diffused all throughout Russia because it was used to create cultural identity among the diverse population, thus making all of Russia know the language.


The Russian language is based off the south-western dialect of the Minsk area. The Russian language has a northern Russian, southern Russian, and a central Russian.


The Russian language had a conflict with Estonia, because most of Estonia spoke Russian rather than their country's language. This causes Estonia to lose part of their culture and is creating conflicts with Russia. Also, Ukraine is having a conflict with the Russian language too. Their president passed a bill stating that the Russian language was allowed to be used to carry out school functions and business transactions within Ukraine. This is a problem because in past history Ukraine and Russia have had troubles, and Ukraine is nervous of being under Russian influence once again, and to have their country split in half (one with Russian language and one with Ukraine’s language).

Extinct or Endangered

No, the Russian language was always popular, due to Russia’s large population where most spoke Russian. Also, they contained literary traditions that helped keep the Russian language alive. Lastly, this language never became extinct, thus proving it was not revived.

Real Wolrd Connection

In the real world the Russian language was used in order to create a cultural unity among the soviets who had a very diverse population.