Nurse Practitioner

Description of job

  • Analyze patient's symptoms, physical findings, and develop appropriate diagnoses

  • Diagnose or treat health care problems such as injuries, illnesses, and infections

  • Recommend diagnostic with safety and cost in mind

  • Prescribe medications based on efficacy and safety

  • Educate patients to take care of themselves

Work Enviroment

Very diverse settings:

Hospitals, health maintenance organizations, freestanding nurse-run primary care clinics, private practice offices, extended-care facilities,

Home health organizations, and schools

Yearly average salary

$57,000- $75,000

Employment outlook

127,000 employees- 2013

% of Respondents & Education Level Required


Master’s degree


Doctoral degree



Required Training & Education

  • Length of Training 6+ years

  • Required to have Master’s

  • Pass certification exam conducted by an appropriate specialty board

Baylor University-Waco TX

(800) 229-5678

Howard Payne University- Brownwood TX,

(325) 649-8020

American Association of Nurse Practitioners

Required license & Certification

  • Completed a BSN

  • Have RN license

Career Cluster Category


Three reasons why you are interested in this career

  • I find enjoyment in diagnosing illnesses

  • I would like to be in control of what treatment the patient gets without supervision of doctor

  • I also like to help people

Three reasons this career might not be so great

  • All the years of school and college you have to take

  • Certain tests, applications you have to have

  • It’s hard to stay determined to get down to every detail