Bitter Sweet

BTN Report

Would you believe that low-fat products some times have more sugar than whole-fat?

Or would you believe that sugar is in products you wouldn't like tomato sauce? Both of these facts are true. Sugar is used in lots of different products for different reasons. For example a low-fat mayonnaise has 12% sugar while whole-fat mayonnaise has 3% sugar and some people are not sure what to choose. Although the Sugar Industry says that proffesionals have no proof over what sugar does to you.

Some products are low-fat versions of food because they don't taste as good as the usual version. People also add sugar because it is a preservative which means it makes food last longer, sugar is also a carbohydrate. In the 1870's there was a rise in obesity and health proffesionals say it was because of to much sugar in their daily diets. Health proffesionals also say that kids should have two teaspoons of sugar per day although a cold drink gives you almost five times that amount and thats not good for kids.