Richmond Elementary

List-serv 10.15.15

Important Dates

10.16.15 Picture Day Grades K-4

*Pre-K Photos are scheduled for the make-up day on December 3, 2015.

10.19.15 Superintendent's Open Forum Richmond Town Hall 6:30 PM

10.22.15 Early Release Day

10.23.15 Fall Spook-tacular (aka Fall Ball)

11.2.15 Flu Clinic at Richmond Elementary

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Grade 2 Visit with the Bee Keeper

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Chariho Employee of the Month: Shelly McGlinsey

Mrs. McGlinsey is a fourth grade teacher at Richmond School. She is a talented teacher who engages her students with song, poetry and movement. In her classroom, students are valued and motivated by her compassion and high expectations. Her students learn to be creative writers, researchers and readers.

She tracks students' homework and makes them accountable for completing it.

With the support of our special educators, she has been responsible for moving struggling students forward in leaps and bounds in both ELA and mathema

tics. She keeps careful RTI records and is open to trying new approaches to

improve student achievement. Her students' families appreciate how often she communicates with them via website, phone calls, emails and meetings.

She is highly collaborative and works well with the members of her fourth grade team and with other teachers and staff in our building. She is positive and offers suggestions for improving our school using a problem solving approach.

Congratulations, Mrs. McGlinsey!

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Spotlight on Learning: Number Bonds

Number bonds are also often referred to as 'number pairs'. They are simply the pairs of numbers that make up a given number.

Number bonds show the ways in which numbers relate to each other. They can also be thought of as “part-whole” pictures, in which you see two or more parts that make up a whole.

A Visit to CHIP Pre-school

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For Your Information

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Multiple cases of strep throat have been identified and treated in your child’s classroom. Properly treated cases are no longer infectious. However, we want to make you aware of the following:

Cause: Strep throat and a strep throat with a rash (scarlet fever) are common bacterial infections in children.

Symptoms: Strep throat - Your child may have a fever that starts suddenly, red sore throat, and swollen glands. Headache may occur. Children may have stomach pain and vomiting.

Spread: By coughing or sneezing. Contagious Period: Until 24 hours after antibiotic treatment begins.


• Cover nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing. Use a tissue or your sleeve. Dispose of used tissues.

• Wash hands after touching anything that could be contaminated with secretions from the nose or mouth. Your child may need help with handwashing.

• Never share drink containers and cups or silverware. Wash all dishes with hot soapy water between uses.

• Clean and disinfect any objects that come in contact with the nose or mouth (especially mouthed toys). Use a product that kills germs.


Sharon H. Martin


Richmond Elementary School

Chariho Regional School District

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