Angelica Reichardt

5th Hour Computer Lit.

Family and Friends

My mom's name is Renae, my dad's name is Jason, and my grandma's name is Diana. I have two siblings, a sister named Shelby, and a brother named Drake. My best friends are Kathryn Lofton and Shyanne Miles.

School Updates/Current Grades

In ELA I had a C, in Math I had a B, in social studies I had an F, and all other grades are A's. I also like Computers Lit./PE the most because most of my friends are in those classes.


I like writing my own stories, drawing, and watching Danisnotonfire and Amazingphil on Youtube. I would visit my friend's house during the weekends and we would have sleepovers.

Career Day

I'll be seeing a photographer, a veterinarian, and an artist. I know I'll like seeing the artist the most because I've been interested in doing art or something that includes art for my future career.