Followers: Christians

All About Christianity

Christianity is a religion in which there is one God. Their Holy Book is called the Bible, and the Bible has the two parts-the new testament and the old testament. They pray, learn about Trinity (which explains that God is three people: Father, son (Jesus Christ), and the holy spirit), and learn about the Deceleration of Faith. Christians get introduced into Christianity by being baptized. Baptism is when a person gets submerged into water. They also have a ritual called Communion. Communion is the sharing of the bread and wine to remember the Last Supper. Christians worship at a church, almost always on Sunday. The worship leaders are called ministers, preachers, priests, pastors, or fathers. They also celebrate holidays, such as Christmas (celebrating the birth of Christ) and Easter (celebrating the death and resurrection of Christ.) A common holy site of the Christians is Jerusalem, the site of Jesus' crucifixion.

Now you know about all 3 religions. A common figure is that they all believe in one God.