Reading to Study

Got 20 minutes? Then you've got time to be a better reader!

The Problem

Of course you can read. You ARE in college, after all! But have you ever finished reading your chemistry or history and had NO IDEA what you just read? Have you given up TRYING to read your assignments because there is just no point?

The Solution

Come to this lively session on "Reading to Study" and you will leave knowing what to do BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER reading an assignment in a textbook. We will work with a philosophy text as our model, then if you want to stay more than 20 minutes, there will be Peer Tutors available to help you apply what you have learned to what you need to study NOW!

The Agenda

In just 20 minutes, you will learn how to read more effectively for all your classes.

Here's how:

Before Reading

Look at the Pictures (and Other Text Elements)

Remember What You Can, Not What You Can't

During Reading

Face the Book (Or Turning Your Back on Distractions)

Ask Questions (Which is Natural, Since You Don't Know Anyway)

Words, Words, Words!

What's the Point?

Read It Again. And Again. And Again....

After Reading

Tell Somebody Who Cares

Make It Make a Difference

Draw a Picture -- It'll Last Longer

The Details

Date: Thursday, November 29

Time: 4 p.m.

Place: Room 221, B&E Building

What to Bring: Something you need to read and study!

Contact us if you need more information.

SPONSORED BY Secondary Education Majors Club

Check Out This Video...

... and after Reading to Study, you will be able to read philosophy, too!
How To Read Philosophy