SMS Scoop

August 25, 2017

The Flying Wallendas

Have you ever heard of the Flying Wallendas? Have you ever seen a Wallenda perform in person or on TV or YouTube? It is likely that you'd remember what you saw. The Flying Wallendas are a five generation family famous for their daredevil high-wire performances.

Family patriarch Karl Wallenda was born in 1905 in Germany, and he was performing on with a circus at a young age. For the next 100 years, Wallenda family members have performed in death-defying aerial acts in circuses and at landmarks like skyscrapers and even the Grand Canyon.

Look at the pictures below and consider these questions in a homeroom discussion today.

Record your group responses as we'll come back to this topic next week!

  • Is high-wire skill something you are born with? A genetic trait passed down? Or is it a skill that is developed over time?
  • If you wanted to learn the basics of high-wire walking, what would you do?
  • If you wanted to be a professional wire-walker, what else would you do?
  • If you were born into the Wallenda family, would YOU be a wire walker, too?

Johnston Leads ISSMA This Year

SMS/SHS Band Director Tim Johnston has another huge responsibility this year! He is serving as the President of the Indiana State School Music Association, Inc. (ISSMA).

The organization directs all K-12 vocal, string, and instrumental music events and supports music education across the state.

Mr. Johnston has been elected as a state board member five times during his 31 years of teaching music (7 years at Tri-High, Morristown, Winchester, and Hobart and 24 years at SCSD2.) Mr. Johnston also adjudicates ISSMA and Drum Corps International events, and he plays principal trumpet for the IUS Concert Band.

Congratulations on this honor, Mr. J! Thanks for leading SMS, SCSD2, and now the entire state of Indiana!

We are proud of you!

Art Club News

Are you interested in joining Art Club? The application is linked to the SMS Community page, and be sure to submit the application by Thursday, August 31st. Space is limited. This year, Mrs. Owen wants you to upload a picture of a recent piece of artwork that you have made, so get creating! Art Club will be meeting every other Tuesday, starting September 5th, and meetings will be listed on the Eventlink calendar. See Mrs. Owen if you have any questions.

Sunglasses Day for a Good Cause

The SMS Builders' Club is seeking donations to help the family of Jessie Milan. Jessie, an SES student that previously attended LES, was killed in a car/bike accident on Friday, August 18th. We would like to help his family with funeral costs with a donation project.

To help Jessie's family, the Builders' Club will be offering sunglasses permits for a $1 (or higher) donation on Wednesday, August 30th. All proceeds will go to the funeral home. If you would like to wear sunglasses on Wednesday, bring your money to the main hall donation table between 7:30 and 8:00 AM. Thank you in advance for supporting Jessie's family with prayers and donations during this difficult time.

Student Council Needs YOU!

Do you like being involved in your community? Do you want to be a leader and help your classmates grow? Come out next Thursday at 7:15 am in room 703 to learn more about student council and how you can help make a difference. This year's officers will share with you what we do and how you can be involved. Application packets will be distributed at the meeting. If you have any questions, see Mrs. Zeigenbein in room 703.

Lessons in Lunch

Here are some helpful reminders for a smooth and successful lunch!

  1. Be sure you are quiet in the tray line. If you are noisy in the line, our lunch moms cannot hear students making food selections!
  2. If you are making a food selection in the tray line, speak up and say the name of what you want! Did you realize that if you just point to something, the lunch moms cannot see 'pointing' very well due to the top shelf of the serving station?
  3. Remember that you only have one lunch account. The tray line and the Grill are both attached to your single account. And you need money in your account to be able to buy ala carte items in the Grill.
  4. Students are allowed one trip to the Grill each day. If you purchase a tray lunch, you go to the Grill after you eat. If you are not purchasing a tray, you can go to the Grill when you are dismissed (to get food) by the lunch supervisors.
  5. Cash lunch deposits before 9:00 AM will be posted/available at lunch on that day. Credit card deposits take 24 hours to post so a morning credit card deposit will not be posted/accessible until the next day.

Don't forget that you can track your lunch balance on Harmony!! If you have any questions about your account balance, contact Miss Nass.

Fall Sports Pictures

SMS Fall Athletes have picture night on Wednesday, August 30th. Parents wanting to purchase pictures can do so online (link on the SMS main web page) OR via an order envelope. Order envelopes are being distributed by coaches. Pictures will be taken in the SMS fishbowl according to the schedule below.

Tennis - 3:00 PM

8 VB -3:25 PM

Girls Soccer - 3:35 PM

Football/Cheer - 4:00 PM

Cross Country - 4:45 PM

6 VB - 5:15 PM

Boys Soccer - 5:45 PM

7 VB - 6:00 PM

SMS Hosting Legal Training Monday

Administrators from around the region will convene at SMS Monday morning for a legal workshop put on by the Lewis-Kappes law firm. The training will take place in the Great Room. Registration is at 8:00 AM and the event runs until 3:30 PM. Thank you for being extra quiet as you pass near the Great Room on Monday. Please use the side cafeteria doors for entry and exit for SSR and lunch. Thanks!

The Week Ahead...

Mon. Aug. 28: B day, CC @ Seymour, 6 VB @ Southwestern, 7/8 VB @ Immanuel Lutheran/Seymour

Tue. Aug. 29: A day, Tennis @ Silver Creek

Wed. Aug. 30: B day, Sunglasses Day, Football v. Charlestown

Thu. Aug. 31: A day, Student Council Info Mtg 7:15 am, Tennis v. East Wash, CC @ Southwestern, Soccer @ N Harrison, 6 VB v. Borden, 7/8 VB v. East Wash

Fri. Sept. 1: B day,

Sat. Sept. 2: Soccer @ Warrior Cup