Learning with the Library

a weekly newsletter from the Westview Library


With so many new members to the Westview Family, we wonder how well you know your fellow staff members. So...our first Weekly Wonder is this:

Which Westview Family member has a son that plays for the Iowa Hawkeyes?

Email Karen with your answer by Friday September 26th for a small prize. We will reveal the answer in our next newsletter. Good Luck!


A good extension for locating materials that are like websites you currently like is called Similar Pages. Here is a link. https://goo.gl/c6cTrC

The photo to the right is an example of its use to locate spider facts for elementary students.

Lunch in the Library!

Our first Lunch in the Library for Staff is going to be on October 6th. Staff are invited to come and enjoy a salad bar and soup buffet during their lunch break. Come take a well deserved break with us!
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