Cyrus the Great

By:Javier peña, Xavier Ojeda, Quinton Daniels,Cesar Martinez

What did this leader accomplish in their rule?

  • Cyrus became king of Persis. The persian empire is any series of imperial dynasties. Cyrus became king in 559 BCE..

  • When the persians overthrew the Babylonian empire, cyrus made a proclamation freeing the jews from their 70 year captivity.

  • In the year 539 BCE cyrus the great took Babylon now located around Iraq.

What role did this person play in Persian history?

Cyrus the Great was the founder of the Achaemenid Empire which was founded in the 6th century BCE. The Achaemenid Empire empire is also known as the first Persian Empire. It expanded to eventually rule over significant portions of the ancient world including Indus Valley, Thrace and Macedon.

What is this leader most famous for?

Cyrus was most famous for finding Persia by joining two Iranian tribes.

Do you think this person was a good leader? Why or Why not?

I think that Cyrus the Great was a good leader. The reason we think that Cyrus was a good leader is, because he did not rule as a dictator.
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