6J Garden / Kitchen Class

Term 1 Week 11

Tuesday 5.4.16 - Year 6J - Garden

Unfortunately our garden class got rained out on Monday so we did our garden/ kitchen classes on Tuesday afternoon.

This week was all about organic gardens and why it is important to have compost and how to make them. Todays garden task was to build our new large compost down in the food forest.

The first group collected the materials. Matt and Nick did a fantastic job of collecting all the nitrogen materials, by pruning the comfrey, arrowroot and banna grass leaves. Cate collected flowers (trace elements), Holly filled the watering cans and added molassis, Scarlett, Marissa, Summer and Abeni collected the carbon materials eg dead leaves, dead banna grass leaves and scredded paper.

Once all materials were collected as a group we discussed the different laying process of building a compost.

Second group got the job of building the compost. Different jobs were allocated and as a team we started the layering process of building a compost and before we knew it the compost was built. Well done good team work everyone.


Today both groups had fun making pizza with Mr Jones.

Fresh produce was collected from the garden; potatoes, rosemary, oregano, basil and tomatoes for the pizzas

In small groups they had fun making their own small rosemary and potato pizzas. After they were cooked they enjoyed eating them outside under the mulburry trees. Yummy.