Rich Task Demonstration Plan

Physiotherapy Assistant at Credit Valley Hospital

Friday, Dec. 11th, 1pm

2200 Eglinton Avenue West

Mississauga, ON

Description of Activities:

  1. -Patient Appointment Reminders
  2. -Scheduling Appointments
  3. -Discharging Patients


I have chosen these three tasks for the demo, as they are very important to my daily routine at the hospital. Patient bookings and reminders are essential for the entire department to run, otherwise there would be no patients to treat! Once the patients have been booked and called, I will also be demonstrating how to discharge a patient from Outpatient Physiotherapy services. This will complete a cycle of my work, going from entering patients for treatment, to letting them go once they are complete their program.

Scheduling a New Patient for Pre-Op Class

On Paper

1. Get general intake form

2. Call patient to ask what time and date is good for them

3. Fill our time slot in either red or blue binder (depending on knee or hip)

4. Make sure you ask for health card or birthdate

On Computer

1. Process Patient Appointments

2. Book the appointment

3. Write unit # on intake form

4. Check mark beside time on form, once the appointment has been booked

  • PTKNEE- pre-op
  • PTAS-post-op
  • N\-search for provider

Making Patient Reminder Calls

  1. Begin by dialling out to patient


  • Dialing out- press 9
  • Generally call to remind patients about classes 2-3 days before

2. Follow along provided script, to inform patient about their appointment.

3. After calling, write down date, alongside abbreviation on intake form.

Patient Phone Abbreviations

  • LMAM → Left message on answering machine
  • Conf c pt → Confirmed with patient
  • LM c wife → Left message with wife

4. In a case where patient has extra questions or wishes to rebook, transfer them over to Siobhan or Coleen's desk:

Transferring Calls

  • Pick up phone
  • Press ‘trans’ button
  • Type 5570 to transfer to Siobhan/ Coleen
  • Press ‘trans’ again
  • Close phone

Filing Discharge Papers

  1. Open Meditech
  2. Press ADM
  3. Outpatients
  4. Recurring Routines
  5. Discharge/Undo Discharge
  6. Enter through → File → Say no to RCR
  7. Enter again
  8. If hip replacement, two discharges are required:
  • Write down the missing OT/PT number on bottom of sheet
  • Select both RCR’s and then repeat through discharge process

Required Materials

  • Computer
  • Writing Utensil- Pen
  • Designated Forms

Special Instructions for Co-op Teacher:

Although there is no special equipment required, there is a dress code of business casual in the office.

Approved: Date, Time and Activity

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