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Maniacal Math!

This week in Math we are continuing to multiply multi-digit numbers. While last week we spent a lot of time on distributive property and partial products, this week we will review the standard algorithm for multiplying. This is the process we are most comfortable with. I have stressed to the kiddos that I am not set on any one algorithm, just correct answers. I do have to teach partial products and distributive property, but the kids do not have to work the problems that way unless asked.

The students took a pre-test for this multiplication unit. This data will be used with the post-test results to measure students' mastery and growth. The students will also be given two benchmark quizzes throughout the unit. Our first quiz is today. It is simply 12 multiplication problems. I will grade these benchmarks as well as the post-test.

Math Masters

New Math Masters for the week:


Anjalea Voss

Braydon Shives

Chase Bufkin
Sarah Hendrix

Mandarin Morelock

Gabby Huck


Bella Tran

Math Game Day

Reading Rocks!

This week we are reading chapters six through eight of Trouble River. I think the students are really enjoying the historical fiction genre. We've talked about bit about this time in our nation's history, when Native Americans and settlers did not get along.

We are also starting a short genre study. We are talking about different categories of literature and how to identify each. We started with historical fiction, of course, because we are studying it. Through the next week and a half, we will talk about science fiction, fantasy, realistic fiction, fables/legends/myths, fairy tales, biographies/autobiographies, and poetry.

At the end of this week we will take another quiz with a constructed response question. The kids are doing really well with these!

Grandparents Day is this Friday from 1:30 to 2:15. Grandparents will be directed to our room, 28.

Soar through Social Studies

This week in Social Studies we are learning about early cultures in Indiana. I think the kids will really enjoy learning about ancient civilizations and Native Americans. Each team will make small posters of one specific culture. So ask them to share what they've learned with you!

The test for this chapter will not be for a couple more weeks, as we will spend more time studying each lesson and doing more class activities to enrich their learning.

Wondrous Writing

We are more than halfway through the first nine weeks and therefore more than halfway through Bend One of our Writing series! The students are wrapping up the initial drafting process. They wrote "scenes" in their yellow booklets and put them together in an order that built up a struggle. Their realistic fiction stories are coming to life! There are some really great plot concepts amongst these kiddos. I can't wait to read the finished product!

Students are not required to take the notebooks home, but are certainly allowed to do so. If your child wants to catch up, please encourage him/her to bring it home.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Wednesday, Oct. 5th, 4pm to Thursday, Oct. 6th, 7pm

3623 West Whiteland Road

Bargersville, IN

Parents should now be able to schedule a time slot for conferences. You can do that through Skyward. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Our classroom auction will be Wednesday, October 5th. Do you have any goodies you can donate?

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Mrs. Brianne Gentry

This is my first year at Maple Grove Elementary, but not my first year teaching. Previously, I taught 5th grade at East Side Elementary in Edinburgh. I love the intermediate grades! I live in Prince's Lakes with my husband Joe, daughters Elliza and Laken, and my son Turner.