Fusion as an Energy Source


My name is Emiko Andrews. Just recently, I worked with my laboratory to harness a new form of energy. This energy is known as fusion.

About Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear fusion is the process in which two molecules fuse to become one. This is the same process that powers the sun. When two molecules fuse, they release energy. We harnessed this energy and improved its safety significantly. It is also a clean source of energy, as it does not give off emissions.

Unlike fission, fusion is the combining of molecules. It also gives us far more energy.


Although there are very few concerns, it should be noted that fusion has the potential to be dangerous. It could make the surrounding area radioactive, therefore exposing people to radiation. It is also a possibility that there could be an explosion due to the amount of energy that comes from fusion.

Economic Impact

Fusion is a very smart investment, as one facility can generate 16 megawatts of power in a few seconds. It may even have the ability to take out all other forms of energy, especially polluting ones. Fusion is so efficient that it could not only employ people around the world, but it could become the only form of energy used on the planet. Because of the amount of energy that can be generated with ease, we could bring power to third-world countries and help struggling countries get access to electricity.