QR Codes in the Classroom

You have 3 iPads to use in your classroom whenever you want! Now what? There are some really great websites out there that our students can learn from. Right? One of the biggest roadblocks is asking a child to type a URL into Safari. They usually make a typo and it usually takes FOREVER ... right?! QR codes can fix that!

By using a QR Scanner (our iPads have i-nigma), students can scan the QR code and it will take them straight to that website! Super fast and super easy!

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The Challenge

Design a center that involves students going to a website. The actual center might be on paper (that's totally okay!), but it requires them to go to a website on the iPad!

To prepare for the center, find the website you want them to go to and follow these steps!

- Go to http://www.qrstuff.com.

- Make sure "Website URL" is selected in #1.

- Type or paste the URL into the box in #2.

- Wait for the QR to change in the preview box on right.

- Open the i-nigma app on your iPad and scan the code on your computer screen.

- Tap View Online.

- Make sure it goes to the right website! [If it doesn't, redo it!]

- On your computer, click Download QR code under the QR.

- Go into your downloads folder and it'll be named qrcode.######. Change the name to the website name so you don't forget that it goes too!

- Print the QR code and place it in your center.

Students will open the i-nigma app and scan the code to go to the website. Sometimes it helps to put a picture of the app in the center to help them find it! :)

How do I get credit?

Email Renee and Ann the QR you created and a picture of your students using it in a center!