Resources for Teachers

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The Teaching Channel

The teaching channel is a website full of videos posted by inspiring teachers. This site also includes teacher bios and advice. Teachers also have access to helpful links for teachers blogs, resources, etc.

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Ed Puzzle


EDPUZZLE is a website that allows teachers/students to make a video their own. This site allows you to crop videos, add voices, and add questions to your video. This tool would be a great resource for students and teachers if they are wanting to create a video in the classroom.

Imagine K12 EDpuzzle


Link to schooltube-

SchoolTube is a site where students and teachers post videos they have made. Some videos are for educational purposes and some are just for fun. This site allows students and teachers to collaborate and get ideas from one another. This site also allows students to be creative and have fun when creating their video! Below are some videos posted on SchoolTube!


WordPress is a site that allows computer users to create their own website. I have created my own website and included many resources that can be used in the classroom on a daily basis. This site allows you to customize your website and make it fit your needs. Teachers can have students create their own website and post all of their work done online on their site! This way they will be able to look back on their work whenever they desire.

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Pinterest is a great site where teachers can get all sorts of ideas! Teachers have access not only to their coworkers site, but any other educator you can find! The ideas you can find are endless!

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Surfnet is full of blogs, games, and "fun" for students. This site has a section for teachers and parents where they have access to information concerning education. This site can be used for students of all ages and covers almost any topic you can think of. Teachers could use this site for education purposes or extra curricular activities!

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Tedtalks is a site full of videos lectures by professionals. These videos are very informational, yet entertaining. Teachers can use them to introduce new concepts, or reinforce concepts learned.

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Learn like a kid: Lainie Rowell at TEDxManhattanBeach