presented by: Zach B. Leah B.

What is it?

Inhalants are regular house hold items such as nail polish remover, hair spray, gasoline, cleaning fluids, paint, etc. can all be used as inhalants.

Street Names

Some street known names for inhalants are Gluey, Huff, Rush and whippets.

What does it Look Like?

It comes in many different forms and it has many different appearances as well some examples of its looks would be like cleaning fluids, gasoline, and related items with toxic fumes.

How Is It Used?

Inhalants can be used in a few ways. It can be sniffed, snorted, bagged (fumes inhaled from a plastic bag), huffed (inhalant-soaked rag, sock, or roll of toilet paper in the mouth).

What form can it be found in?

It can be found in many forms such as model airplane glue, the propellant in aerosol whipped cream, cooking spray, cleaning fluids.

Short Term Effects

Some of the short term effects may include alcohol-like effects (alcohol-like effects include slurred speech, inability to coordinate movements, dizziness, confusion and delirium). Nausea and vomiting lightheadedness, hallucinations, and delusions are other common side effects.

Long Term Effects

Long term affects can consist of weight loss, muscle weakness, disorientation, inattentiveness, lack of coordination, irritability, and depression, head aches, intense drowsiness, The most severe side effect is death!

Interesting Facts!

The thing that stuck us as surprising is how they are just misused items that you can buy at Walmart or the grocery store. Another thing that we thought was interesting was how harsh the effects are after you've become addicted.