Notes from Andy

Monday 10 March 2014

Good morning everyone...


... to Rob for taking the SEAMC (Maths Comp) students to Vietnam week before last.

... to everyone for the CPD on the weekend. Given where we are in terms of other things going on for all of you, your commitment to your learning is testament to your professionalism. Your feedback is highly valued - hugely acknowledging with good pointers as we think forward to next year - thank you.

... to Kirsten and Brian for the preparation of workshops and all staff who contributed their classroom experiences, which give the learning added relevance.

Meetings in March

Tuesday Inquiry Times - I am cancelling these for the rest of March. I hope this creates some time for you.

Wednesday Meetings - Personal Project this week (12/3), ARR prep - no mtg (19/3), I will speak with Deans and LDT re the next two Wednesdays (Students of Concern and LAs and Deans) and confirm whether they will still be on.

As per my email last week...

If you are finding the going tough at the moment, please come and see me or any member of SLT. If you need to get me urgently, be aware that I am only in school Monday and Tuesday this me directly if it suits you.

SLT absences

Sue will return on Mon 24 March after her operation. I know you join with me to wish her all the best for her recovery.

I am absent from Thursday with CLT at the ASCD Conference and school visits. I return on Mon 24 March

Brian is going to IBO Regional Conference on 20/21 March

While Adrian is listed as the goto person in Mark's notes, either he or Brian are your points of contact while I am away. Adrian is the only one who is here the entire time, between now and the 24 March.

SLT also out for the day - Wed 12 March - will email further details on Tuesday morning

Hope you choose the front row this week....enjoy!!