Famine in Africa

Ten facts about famine

Did you know that while starving in a famine your body starts to eat you alive? This is what is happening to the12 people who die every minute. That's 94,000 every 5 1/2 days in Johannesburg alone. One of the causes for this is that people in Africa live on $1.25 a day. Another cause of famine is that the wars that go on are stopping agricultural production. The people who work on the farms are scared off into refugee camps, and their plants die.

One scary fact that I found is that 19,000 children in Africa die every day. That's enough to fill 30 U.S schools. Think about what those children could be doing, they could be working on farms to be making more crops. Famine is affecting Africa and Africare is helping to fix this.

Mission Statement for Africare

"Improving the quality of life of the people in Africa."

Africare took donations and used the money to teach farmers in Ghana how to use safe irrigation techniques that produce quality crops fast. In 2010 Niger suffered one of the worst shortages of food in Africa. Africare drilled a borehole to get water so they could produce more crops.
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How you can help!

You can donate monthly. Just mail them the money or give them your credit card number and they will deduct monthly. You can get your work or school involved by getting them to donate and adding that to your monthly check. You can also donate for life which is giving them your credit card number and they will deduct $1,500 a year for two years. You can also pay the $3,000 all at once.
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