Diffusion of The Printing Press

The Impact of The Printing Press on Literacy in Europe

The invention of the movable type printing press made copying and dissemination of books easier. The text states in paragraph 1 of "The Printing Press and Its 'Impact' on Literacy", "When the printing press was invented, there was a shift from the laborious manuscript making to the codex print, allowing many copies of written work to be quickly created. In turn, this provided greater access to information for all as well as created the framework for the gradual transformation of social literacy."

The Impact of the Movable Type Printing Press

The visual titled "The Impact of Movable Type Printing Press" involves multiple maps that show the diffusion of the printing press over the years. Map F: represents the diffusion of the movable type printing press since the 1450s. Map F: shows that by 1500 over 200 movable type printing presses could be found all over Europe.

The Diffusion of Columbus's Letter throughout Europe, 1493-1497

The article "The Diffusion of Columbus's Letter through Europe, 1493-1497", includes a visual geographical map along with a short paragraph that inform the reader about the diffusion of Columbus's Letter using the movable type printing press. The geographical map shows that Columbus's letter traveled throughout Europe and was made into multiple different additions in different languages using the movable type printing press.