Lincoln Agenda

September 30-October 2, 2015

Testing Integrity Agreements

These forms are due to Kim by September 30. Please be sure that you sign the form that you have and turn it in, and sign the form that she has as well. She is collecting the signed Testing Integrity Form. Please do not put these in my mailbox, since she has the other form that you will need to sign.

Formative Observations

You may use the calendar link to sign up for your first observation. There is also a link below. Please sign up online. If you need assistance with this, please ask a colleague or ask me.

Don't forget to fill out and submit your pre-observation form through

If you need a 60 minute window for your observation, make sure you put your name in two boxes. The X under your name is for me to finish the SFS online narrative following your observation. It can be moved.

If you are signing up for an observation for this week, please do so Monday morning.

What's Happening....


Monday, 9/28

8:00-Case Conference - Melissa, Ashleigh, Alisha

Mrs. Ryan's class @ Survive Alive

Tuesday, 9/29

8:05 New Teacher Meeting

3rd Grade Mapping with Mary 9-3

Mrs. McKinney's Class @ Survive Alive

Wednesday, 9/30

8:05 Veteran's Day Meeting in Library

4th Grade Mapping with Mary 9-3

Mrs. Monix Class @ Survive Alive


Melissa in Indy- School Safety

Thursday, 10/1

5th Grade Mapping with Mary

Melissa in Indy- School Safety

Friday, 10/2-

Cozy Up to a Good Book! - Pajama Day

8:05 Grade Level Meeting

10:00 - Time Out For Reading - More info to follow

Saturday 10/3-

5th Grade Volleyball Game at Hanover High School

Monthly Meeting Schedule:

Meeting Schedule

This week is a little mixed up as far as meetings go. I will be gone Wednesday and Thursday for the Advanced School Safety Academy in Indianapolis. I can be reached by email and cell.


Do not worry about looking for the RTI paperwork right now for students you are concerned about and want to refer. We will be reviewing data for ALL students now that we have STAR results.