Monday Message

May 11, 2020 WLWV Student Services 100% for 100%

Connecting with Our Students & Families

I am so impressed with the commitment and creativity everyone is putting into our continued priority number 1: connection with students and families! Here are some ways you are doing this:

  • A counselor and a learning specialist doing live zoom check-ins with a student to build SEL and connection
  • A weekly google form that goes to families asking: What is something that went well this week? What was a challenge? Do you want me to contact you?
  • Regular emails or phone calls to each family
  • Commenting and discussion inside of Google Classroom
  • Flipgrid check-in videos
  • Creating step by step videos on screencastify to lead students who need those scaffolds through the instructional process (THANKS DIANE COMBS!)
  • Small group zoom circles

Staying connected and working through the challenges and celebrations with our families is the key to doing Distance Learning well. Your efforts are what are helping our students through this time!

Our Amazing ParaEducators

We had a great turn out for our optional ParaEducator zoom last Friday. Folks from primary, middle, high, and ATS were there to share successes, ask some questions, and learn from each other. Here are a few highlights:

  • The opportunity to really delve into the Parasharp videos was very helpful!
  • Many folks participated in additional professional learning through Columbia Regional Programs, or put on by their SPED IC
  • ParaEducators are using a UDL (Universal design for learning lens) as they help general ed and special education teacher problem-solve and plan, to create access points for all learners
  • Many have been assigned to grade level or content teams, and are busy supporting curriculum adaptations and providing feedback to students
  • ParaEducators are learning how to use google classroom, flpgrid, boom cards, and screencastify...and more!
  • They are helping our seniors make that last push to finish and graduate
  • ParaEducators are making videos to connect with our students, and participating in zoom calls

The more I listened, the more the professionalism, enthusiasm, and growth mindset of our ParaEducators shown through!

Check out this great video on Restorative Practices! Thanks, Learning Specialist Caitey Andersen

Restorative Practices in Schools Have Power to Transform Communities | Liz Knapp | TEDxMcMinnville

504 Reminders for School Counselors & Teams

For every student on a 504 who is moving to a new building please do one of these two things:

  1. Hold a meeting to introduce the parent and student to their new team and ensure that the key elements that the student needs to be successful are known OR
  2. Send an email that includes the parent, the student, and the new casemanager to let the family know who this new person is, and assure them that they will be well supported in their new building


  • Any consideration of OT or PT or SLP on a 504 plan must have a specific conversation with the Student Services office prior

Another Chance to Connect

  • Think about checking in again with your students on 504 plans. They may not have reached out, but I'm sure the parents would appreciate the extra TLC

High School Learning Specialists

  • Please consider training a team of ParaEducators to conduct the Post School Outcomes Exit surveys. This collection will open next week and close by June 2. Check with Cathy Smith, Mary Hanks, Carol Davis, or Becky Hancock for more information
  • Remember all graduating seniors and folks completing Adult Transition Services need the following 2 pieces of documentation: 1. A Summary of Performance 2. A PWN of SPED Action
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ESY Extended School Year

If you have any students who still have "To Be Considered" on their IEP, PLEASE complete this decision and documentation process right away. Cathy Smith just resent directions on this to folks that still have students who have "To Be Considered" on their IEPs.

ESY will be delivered in a distance learning format, with a more extensive use of live video conferencing instruction. Any Learning Specialists or ParaEducators who are interested in working these additional hours, please reach out to Jennifer SI. Tentative dates are between June 15 and July 10.

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IEP Progress Notes

We all have questions...

We are still awaiting guidance from ODE... it will be coming out any day.

In the meantime, be thinking about what information you DO have about a students' progress toward their goal.

Is there some work they have submitted on google classroom that relates to a reading, writing or math goal?

Have they participated in a zoom or flipgrid where you saw evidence of speech, language, or social communication?

Can you send a quick google form to the student to get their assessment of their progress toward their goal?

Have parents reported to you about the student's level of independence on a task?

This is the year that our data may not be as specific, it may not be apples to apples, but just consider what you do have or can get fairly easily.

Last week, MS Learning Specialists suggested we create some sentence stems or templates for language to use for those tricky situations where you may truly have no data. We will be getting that out to you as soon as we get the information from ODE

Upcoming Dates:

  • Wednesday, May 27 Adult Transition Completion Celebration
  • Friday, May 29 Inclusive Schools Leadership final meeting and celebration of students
  • Tuesday, June 2 WLHS Graduation
  • Wednesday, June 3 Teacher Work Day/End of Year Reporting & Grades
  • Wednesday, June 3 ATHS Graduation
  • Thursday, June 4 Teacher Work Day/End of Year Reporting & Grades
  • Thursday, June 4 WHS Graduation
  • Friday, June 5 Last Day for Students & Staff
  • Wednesday, June 10 Student Services End of Year Celebration 4:00 (Details TBA)

Question? Brilliant ideas? Suggestions? Celebrations? Inquiries? REACH OUT