Poem Anthology


Madison was born in Fort Worth, Texas and is very athletic. She loves to spend time with her friends and she began poetry this year

Where I'm From

I am from a volleyball, from Adidas and spandex.

I am from the cracks on the living room wall.

I am from the bluebonnet the Texas flower.

I am from family gatherings every few months and blue eyes from Traci and Mike

I am from the messy eaters and back talkers.

From be quiet! and loose the attitude!

I am from being baptized in holy water when I was 11.

I'm from Texas and Ireland, squash casserole and Dr. Pepper.

From the tooth that my Mom had chipped from fighting our dog, the scar on the back of my brother’s head to not get paralyzed.

I am from the table that sits at the front of the house as soon as you walk in, next to the front door. Next to all of the family members that we love and cherish.

My First Time

I sat in the front yard, and I knew I was ready.

I buckled my helmet as a precaution,

For I knew that this wouldn’t be very easy.

I sat on my bike ready to go,

With my mother behind me holding on to me.

For I was as prepared as a plumber without tools.

Finally, I gave it a go

But I knew this wasn’t going to be good-

Therefore, my predictions were right!

I took a rumble and crash

I had landed in my neighbor’s car,

But I knew to not give up.

My mother held on to me one more time

And I started paddling.

I started to go

“Let me go when I’m steady”-

But I looked back, and I was on my own

I was doing it with no problem,

As free as a bird.

For then I was able to say-

I rode a bike for my first time.


I am like a puzzle,

So hard to understand.

No one bothers to try and figure me out

Because they know I will be boring.

Once I’m put together

I’m actually really great.

It’s just that no one takes the time

To actually try and solve me.

Everyone goes for something better

Because no one likes a puzzle.

Just boring and confusing

And super time consuming.

It’s like a part of me is missing,

And I’m just never complete.

I’m waiting for that one day

When I find that missing piece.

But until then

I can’t be complete.

Because who would choose a puzzle

In a place filled with videogames.

A love like no other

You are like the sun, so very steaming.

I can’t help but look at you when I have the chance-

Every time you’re seen, my heart starts beaming.

And I can’t help but do a joyful dance.

For I can’t help but thinking I’m in love

I hope I steal your heart before it’s taken,

For this is a feeling that I can’t remove.

It is sad to see love and lust are mistaken

So just give me one small chance

To prove to you my love.

Because I am very in love with you,

And without you, I would feel very blue.

Ode to my knee pads

I wear them for the sport that I love

My pair of kneepads.

They support me for when I fall.

Without them, my knees wouldn’t be much

For they are already covered in bumps and bruises.

But be sure to wash them often,

Because they are as smelly as a skunk.

They are my support,

They break my hardest falls

And I wouldn’t be able to pick myself up.

With them I can freely move around

And make the trickiest rolls.

I can look like a super stud

Without hurting myself along the way.

So thank you to my knee pads,

For giving me all the support.

Because without all the cushion

I couldn’t play my sport.


My favorite poem was my extended metaphor. Through my extended metaphor, I felt that I was able to express how I feel about myself without actually having to say it.