Material Saftey Data Sheet

The Analysis of Cassi J.

Physical properties

1. Surface- Brown Hair Green/ Blue eyes (one of my eyes is lighter than the other)

2.Boils when- Not on time or at least 30 min. early, when people are down right rude,

3.Melts when- Given compliments, music is played (except for pop) , with friends.

4. Can cause harm if too many questions are asked repeatedly

5.Specimens can be found in various states- Stressed caused by immense amount of work, Calm and quiet caused by being in public or new places, loud and obnoxious caused by being with friends

Chemical Properties

1.Is repelled by - Rude, annoying ,obnoxious individuals

2. Is Attracted to- Quiet, nice, loving individuals

3.May explode spontaneously - When individuals ask to many bombarding questions

4.Will repel- female gender that gossips or is rude to other people

5.Is neutral to- Peoples opinion of me,

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