Piero della Francesca


Born c.1420 in Sansepolcro, Italy

Died October 12, 1492 Sansepolcro, Italy

Enjoyed painting, math, and was a theorist. He was most likely the most influential artist of the early Renaissance. He spent most of his life in San Sepolcro and other places briefly. Piero traveled a lot to different chapels and various places worshiping or painting. Piero's work mostly represented religion. Madonna and Child Enthroned with Saints Mary, Legend of the True Cross, and Saint Luke Evangelist are all examples of his religious inspired pieces.

ISM's Connected to Piero della Francesca

Idealism because Piero displayed what he though a perfect world might be for him based on his beliefs. Also naturalism because he painted with oil and used a subtle effect on his work.
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Polyptych of the Misericordia

This piece was created between 1445 and 1462. This piece of art can be found in the Pinacoteca comunale di Sansepolcro. The significance of this piece of artwork is the Virgin Mary usually has her mantle stretched out, and in this case she does but is protecting her worshipers. In this piece I think that it is resembling all different progression of the catholic community. It has a very powerful message to followers of Christ. Idealism fits this piece the most. It shows the ideal world. I find this piece so interesting because I love the detail that Piero put into this and how precise it is.

Piero della Francesca's Patrons


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