Dangers on The Oregan Trail

By Jonathan Gulak


  • The journey was a great test of the travelers endurance but it also helped get them ready for the tough life west.


  • The journey on the Oregon Trail was tough. Settlers had to face flooded rivers, Indians, diseases, and most food and wood was scarce too.


  • If you left for the west to early you would not have enough grass for your animals and if you left late you would probably be caught in killer blizzards.

  • The Great Plains were a tough place to go through on the trail, there was little water and very few trees for firewood.


  • There were lot of outlaws and dangers on the trail that kept the pioneers on their toes.


  • There were a lot of outlaws robbing wagon trains and small town banks like the “Wild Bunch”.

  • Scorpions could get into your boots and then when you put your boot on they would sting you.

  • Rattlesnakes were a big problem on the trail too, their bite hurt a lot but it was rarely fatal.


  • Being a sheriff or Marshall in a town was a big responsibility because of all the crime that was going on.

  • Some wagon trains would hire armed guards to keep away robbers and indians.

  • Some shady characters were elected Sheriff like Wyatt Earp who was into gambling and drinking.

  • The Marshall of deadwood had a busy job between stage robberies and the murder of Wild Bill Hickok.