Weekly Memo

Life Sciences Secondary School

Kim's Message

May 16, 2016

Dear Staff,

We only have 4 weeks left until Regents Examinations! 6 weeks left until 8th Grade Graduation! And 6-1/2 weeks left until High School Graduation! Please see below for a calendar of important events between now and the last day of school. We have a busy 6-1/2 weeks and it is important that we all help support students to stay focused on their academics through the end of the year so that those who are leaving us are successful in reaching graduation and that those who will be with us next year can earn all of their credits and avoid summer school!

Thank you to everyone who submitted their preference sheets to me by Friday. I will be setting up meetings with those of you who requested a one-on-one this week. Administration will also be meeting with teams where further discussion is needed regarding teaching assignments next year.

Today's professional development time will be dedicated to continuing your work on curriculum maps. You should report to the room where your Department Team usually meets and administration will circulate to each Department. Please remember to submit the draft of the first unit in your map to me for feedback by the end of today's PD. Don't worry if you are not completely finished... just submit what is done by that point. Many of you submitted draft to me on Friday and I will be returning those to you before this afternoon's PD with feedback to support your continued work on this important task.




  • Thank you to Ms. Zaharakis, Ms. Feldman, Ms. Benoit, and Ms. McGee for all of your hard work to ensure our stduents have an amazing Career Day!!!
  • Thank you to Ms. Marshall, Ms. Schild, and Mr. Premo for dedicating your time to planning for our new partnership with Hands In 4 Youth. Our middle school students are going to have an amazing summer camp and after school experience due to your hard work!!
  • Thank you to Ms. Forrest and Ms. Schild for working with Sprout to provide our students with an opportunity to learn about hydroponics gardening!
  • A shout our to Mr. Gilhooley for organizing our Saturday Regents prep and to all of the staff who are giving up their Saturdays to come in and make sure our students are successful on their exams in June!
  • Thank you to Ms. Hills and Ms. Singh for helping Mr. Premo prepare our students for the Diversity Alliance for Science Conference this week!

Important Dates

May 17: SLT

May 18: Regents Field Testing

May 23: Edumakate Graduation Ceremony

May 25: LPP Triad Visit to Elizabeth Blackwell

May 26: Career Day (8:00-1:00); Spring Show

May 30: Memorial Day (No School)

June 1: Regents Examinations (Common Core Algebra II; Special Administration Integrated Algebra)

June 2: ARISTA Ceremony

June 3: Senior Trip to Dorney Park

June 9: Chancellor's Conference Day

June 10: Prom

June 14-22: Regents Examinations

June 21: SLT

June 23: Rating Day (No High School Students)

June 24: 8th Grade Graduation

June 28: Last Day of School for Teachers

June 29: Graduation