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Hypoglycemia A Low Blood Sugar Level

The lower limit is the question of how it should be . Here, too, the answer is the same as in the previous case : there is no clear border . It is considered that the amount of blood glucose 3.3 mmol / l ( 597mq % ) lower hypoglycemia occurs , but this figure does not count the absolute limit for the following reasons :

1 Hypoglycemia, a low blood sugar level , just do not give rise to a sharp ens . Even in patients with low blood sugar glucose levels gradually enirsə 2.5-3.3 mmol / l səviyyəsindədə can feel good about herself . On the other hand, in cases where it is known that glucose levels in hypoglycemia 20-22 mmol / l sharply from 11mmol / l were formed as a result of subsidence .

2 If you are accustomed to older and high- sugar level may increase hypoglycemia . For example , if the onset of the disease 4 mmol / l if , after 20 years even when he was 6 to 8 mmol / l can stand up , hence the rise of blood sugar for patients aged 60-70 8-10 mmol / lamas is advisable to keep . Experience such an event are: self-control signs of hypoglycemia arising from the patient , the patient sweating , dizziness appeared . Kilometer amount of glucose 3.3 mmol / l were appointed . In the event the symptoms of hypoglycemia in 2 patients was very poor - what the patient sweating, dizziness symptoms nor did it was only a slight feeling of hunger . Blood sugar 2.2 mmol / l was determined , and this was significantly less ha dis 1st .