City Thug Lessons

By Me For You

Learn under the Greatest Thug who ever lived

Out Thug Lessons are 99.99 plus tax per class that is a very affordable price considerind you will be taught everything you need to know by rhe top grossing thug of 2012

Everyday all day

If you wanna be a thug you must have commitment so you will sleep in the street to give you a true thuggin experience

100% Bullet Wound Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Become A True Thug? To be Honest The Thug life isnt for everyone It will choose you cant choose it.

Will I stack Paper to the Ceiling? Theres a 60% chance but if not Bullet wounds are complimentary

Will I Ride on 24inch Chrome? No

Is It Worth It? Man why you asking all them questions