French Class at Oak Grove School

Please "RSVP" if you'd like your child to take French Class


Oak Grove School offers both French and Spanish classes as core classes (meaning they receive daily instruction) for students in grades 6-8.

It is important to note that the language your child begins to study in grade 6 is the language they must stick with for all three years.

If you would like your child to continue to study Spanish, you do not need to take any action! They will be enrolled in Spanish by default.

If you would like your child to enter the French program starting in 6th grade, please click "RSVP" below and fill out the requested information. You'll provide the child's first and last name, and an email address we can reach you at if necessary.

Thank you!

The Deadline to respond is.....

Friday, May 8th, 12pm

Oak Grove School, starting in 6th grade

Put your CHILD'S first and last name, but put YOUR email address. Thank you!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.