Unit 10 Project!

By Megan Mendez

The Problem

The principal is planning a project for the 7th graders. She wants to get a bounce-house and food for the students. The two food companies are Pizza Palace and Burger Bonanza. The bouncing companies are Hoppin Around and Jumpin Jacks.

Pizza Palace

The equation for Pizza Palace is y=9.25x+61.25. This means you pay $9.25 per child, there is a set up fee of $61.25. If 50 kids were at the party the price for the food would be 523.75 dollars. If 250 kids come to the party the price would be 2,373.750, 61.25


50, 523.75

100, 686.25

150, 1448.75

200, 1911.25

250, 2373.75

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Burger Bonanza

The equation for Burger Bonanza is y=10x+20. In detail this means that 10 dollars per child, and the catering fee is 20 dollars. For instance if 50 kids show up to the party the school would pay $520, and if 250 kids are at the party the price would be 2,520


0, 20

50, 520

100, 1020

150, 1520

200, 2020

250, 2520

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My Plan For a Catering Company!

Based on my calculation Pizza Palace would be the better choice if more than 55 seventh graders are going. If the party were to have 250 seventh graders the price would be $2,373.75, while Burger Bonanza's price would be $2,520

Critical Thinking For Food/Part A

1. I created the equations by looking t the flyers' text. I determined the slope and y-intercept by looking at the wording.

2. There will be a point of intersection (55kids, $570). You would solve it by creating a table with intervals like 50, 100, etc. Then see where one is greater than the other.

3. If your budget is $1000 you could take 50 people with Burger Bonanza and 100 people with Pizza Palace. This answer couldn't be a decimal because you are dealing with people. People can't be cut into fourths!

Hoppin Around

The equation for Hoppin Around is y=75x. This would mean if the principal ordered 2 hours of jumping the price would be 150 dollars.


0, 0

2, 150

4, 300

6, 600

8, 600

10, 750

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Jumpin Jacks

The linear equation for Jumpin Jacks was y=54x+84. For example if the school ordered 8 hours the price would be $516.


0, 84

2, 192

4, 300

6, 408

8, 516

10, 624

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Critical Thinking For Bounce House/Part B

1. I created the equations the same way I created them with part A. I used my math skills to determine the slope and y-intercept using the text from the flyers.

2. There will be a point of intersection where the cost will be the same(4 hours, 300 dollars).

3. For Hoppin Around you could have 10 hours for the seventh graders with your budget of $750. For Jumpin Jacks you could have 12 hours of jumping. This answer could be a decimal because time can be cut into halves (2 hours and 30 minutes-2.5 hours)

My Plan For Bouncing Company

Based on the math the best company, price wise, would be Jumpin Jacks . If you wanted to buy more than 4 hours of jumping then Jumping jacks would be the better buy. If you wanted less than 4 hours Hoppin Around would be the better buy. The price for ten hours would be 624 dollars while you'd pay 750 dollars with Hoppin Around