Foxboro Mask and Playground Update

13 November 2020

We love our Foxboro students!

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Masks MUST be worn by all on any area of the school property

With the increased Covid case counts in the state, we require that ALL individuals, over the age of 2, wear a mask anytime they are on school property.

This includes outdoors, in situations such as:

  • when walking students to school, as soon as you are on school district property
  • while waiting on school property and not inside your car
  • walking to pick students up, as soon as you are on school district property
  • coming over to the kindergarten/preschool area to wait, pick up or drop off kids

This continues to apply any time you enter the Foxboro building - even if it's just for a minute.

If you are unable to meet this requirement, please arrange for a different individual who does wear a mask to come to the school with your child or to pick up your child. Please know that we understand how challenging the masks can be or feel. We care so much about your children and our colleagues. We are committed to meeting these expectations ourselves, and requiring compliance from the students/adults who visit our property. We know you want safety for the children and adults here at Foxboro also, and we thank you for your support and compliance with the mask mandate.

Please help us keep them safe!

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Arrive on Time; Leave on Time

We are experiencing some safety challenges with students coming early or staying after school to play on the playground areas on school property. There is no supervision beyond a few minutes before/after school and we are having students not able to keep social distance from one another or having conflict over games, equipment, etc.

We need students to do the following:

-Arrive at school no earlier than 8:30 am for breakfast students and 8:35 am for non-eating students.

-Wear masks, even outside, on school property

-Leave school grounds immediately after dismissal at end of day. No playing on the playground or tetherball for "just a few minutes" or while "waiting for my sibling." Please have a meeting place for siblings/carpool that is not the playground or play equipment.

-Playing on the school playground equipment is not allowed until after students have gone home and checked in with their adult who is then responsible for them and their actions.

We appreciate your help with this and other measures to keep our students safe!