Starting Strong with Routines

We are always happy to have children back in school with us after the long summer. We have planned a year packed full of rigorous learning and fun. By now, I hope that everyone has settled back into a routine that works for your family and sets our students up for success at school.

We had our beginning of the year assembly to welcome everyone and a reminder about our school expectations. Our students have been so welcoming of the many new students we have this year. If you are new, WELCOME to you too! If I have not met you, please stop me and introduce yourself. I am often walking around parking lots and playground in the mornings and afternoons.

We also had the 'Feel the Power' assembly with guest speaker, Jon Pritikin. He shared his physical strength by curling a frying pan, bending a cable bar in half, as well as, breaking a baseball bat. He also shared his personal story of many unkind and bullying experiences during his school years. But the best part of his story was about his mental and emotional power and strength to overcome difficult times, standing up for others when times are difficult, and moving forward positively. Our students were moved by this presentation. There were oohs, aahhs, and many tears. Be sure to ask your child about the presentation. Thank you PTC for this type of support with the social, emotional, and behavioral support to our students and staff! See pictures below.

Thank you to all who were able to attend our Back to School night! We hope it was informative of our classes and programs. We appreciate parent support throughout the year with our students' success.

'Feel the Power' Assembly - Jon Pritikin

So....what is PBIS?

Education has so many acronyms! This is one you want to know all about!

We are a Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports (PBIS) school. This is a school-wide system of interventions and supports that promote proactive strategies of defining, teaching, and modeling appropriate and expected behaviors all around our school. When students are observed demonstrating the expected behavior, adults verbally acknowledge and give them a KUDO. Kudos are collected and redeemed weekly from a menu of privileges or rewards in each classroom. Depending on grade level, examples of these include; bringing a stuffed animal to school, buying a seat next to a friend for the day, sitting at the VIP table in the lunch room, listening to music in the class, going to the Cubs' Den, helping in the office/library, etc. Teachers regularly illicit students' ideas for the privileges. Our students LOVE kudos and the privileges they earn.

When students struggle to regularly demonstrate the expected and appropriate behaviors in school, the school team and families review internal interventions and supports to ensure students' future success. Some of these include reteaching expected behaviors, social skills instruction, structured recess instruction, check in/check out, or school based therapy. These have been effective in changing behaviors, along with families willingness to work together.

PBIS is designed to support ALL students and a positive school climate.

Our Cubs' Code of Conduct is BE SAFE, BE RESPECTFUL, and BE RESPONSIBLE!

Please help us in reinforcing these behaviors everywhere our students go! More information about our tiers of support for students will be shared in future newsletters.


This is our 2nd year of implementing the 'Passport to Success' event with our students in the first week of school. All of our students traveled to different locations on campus to learn the expected behaviors in that space. Staff were at each station to explicitly explain, role model, and to ask/answer questions. Students carried a 'passport' which was to go home, be reviewed with parents, and return to school for ongoing review throughout the year.


Valley View Elementary has been named a recipient of the GOLD AWARD reflecting excellence in the measurement of fidelity, as well as our efforts in implementing the core features of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports! We are honored and grateful for the supports/interventions we have learned and created to assist our students with the important life skills of appropriate behaviors. This award is given by the CA PBIS Coalition's System of Recognition. We will receive the award at the Placer County PBIS Recognition Event on October 23rd. A huge KUDO to the VVES staff for implementation with fidelity to support our students!
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When parents and teachers work together, we can achieve so much more for all of our students! We are grateful to our VVPTC who work collaboratively to supplement many programs that make Valley View the amazing school it it! Join us at the upcoming General Meeting, Monday, Sept 16 at 7:00 in the library and learn about our plans and events. We'd love to meet you!


  • Snow Cones on blacktop every Wed thru Oct 30
  • Spirit Night at Panda Express - Oct 3
  • Art Docent Tile Decorating Party - Oct 12 - 10:00a-12:00p at VVES multipurpose
  • Welcome Back Family Carnival - Oct 25 - 5:00-8:00p - Costumes welcomed!
  • PTC General Meeting - Nov 18 - 7:00-8:00p

And much more!

Thankful for our Highly Supportive PTC!

Left to right; Mieke Schmidt, Cherrie Meade, Roxanne Barrington, Vitalia Gonzalo, Kim Walters, Jessy Erickson, Shari Anderson (board members not photographed; Kara Diaz, Matt Thomson, Shannon Winn)

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School attendance is critical for ongoing success for all. We cannot recreate the high quality, collaborative, and hands-on instruction that occurs each day. Ensuring your children are in school daily ensures their future success. When children are ill, home is the best place to be! Otherwise, please make appointments and vacations outside of the school day. This includes taking your child out of school early too. Thank you for your commitment to education at Valley View Elementary School!
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Each Monday, teachers have time to collaborate, learn, review data, and instructional practices. Our students are released one hour early these days. All students begin the day at 7:50a. Kindergartners are dismissed at 1:10p and 1st-6th are dismissed at 1:20p. Please mark your calendars to make earlier arrangements every Monday.

For ease, here are a few important items.