douglas mawson tries his best

by zoe


Douglas Mawson was an Antarctic explorer from Australia.

His ship was called the s.y Aurora (steam yacht).

Douglas Mawson was on the $100 note from 1984 to 1991.

Mawsons hut is still down in Antarctica.


The expiedition of 1911 to 1914 aimed to see if a man could survive in Antarctica.

I dont think Mawson was prepared because he didnt bring enough food for him and his companions to survive.

he brought with him 17 explorers, 50 sheep, some dogs and a load of coal.

what happened

unfortunately his trip wasnt that good because his group ran out of food and had to eat dogs liver which made them sick and caused some of them to die Ninnas died because he fell into a crevasse. Then a while after Mertz died from eating dog liver. Mawson was now alone and went down into a crevasse and got stuck down there. He struggled to get back up and when he did he had a long walk back to the hut.


Mawson showed good leader ship qualitys of never giving up and beliving in himself.

he will be remembered as someone who never gave up.

I think he did a great job at what he did and never gave up.