Spectator Violence

Violence in the Stands

Why it is Important to educate about Spectator Violence

There are many that are unaware of the prevalence of spectator violence during sports. Some of this violence may stem from intense rivalries and possible alcohol abuse during events. As stated in, Sport Psychology, written by Richard Cox, "Every sports event is attended by individuals who may instigate fan violence. These are individuals who score high in the personality dispositions of anger and physical aggression" (2012, p.334). People who fall into this category are attracted to violence and fighting among fans, therefore make these situations worse, or possibly create these situations.

Fan or spectator violence should not be taken lightly and all should be well aware when they are heading out to view their favorite team. Not only can violence take place during the game, but after the game as well. It can be due to disgruntled fans or, as mentioned above, the occasional fan who has drank too much all game.

There are multiple example of fans getting into fights after games. An example that took place two years ago after a NFL game included three fans being stabbed in a parking lot. Stated in an article on Huffington Post, "At least three people were stabbed in a parking lot at Sports Authority Stadium Field at Mile High after the Denver Broncos' game Thursday night" (Huffington, 2013). This is an extreme situation, but this isn't the only one that has taken place.

The more that fans become associated with a specific sports team the more the violence is going to increase and take place. As mentioned, everyone should be well aware of this information before heading out to a sporting event.


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It it our job to spread the word about fan violence. We can not only hand out this pamphlet but also spread the word by mouth. We will be at sporting events handing out flyers and and getting the information out however possible. Many people may blow this off and not care but it is important to let them know that they could be involved in fan violence without a warning. Education on the issue is key.