The Wordy Teacher

An Autobiography

Teaching Experience

This is The Wordy Teacher's 6th year of teaching! She is extremely excited to teach English IV and Honors English I!

Previous Teaching Experience:

4 Years at St. Whatshisname (Small Town, OH)

  • AP Literature and Composition
  • Senior British Literature
  • 10th Literature
  • Speech and Drama
  • 7th and 8th Language Arts
  • 7th and 8th Reading
  • Psychology/Sociology

1 Year at St. Whatshername (Big City, OH)

  • Honors Sophomore American Literature
  • Senior World Literature

Teaching Philosophy

The Wordy Teacher hopes to create a learning community where students feel safe to inquire, discover, and learn. In our class, students will not only learn about literature and composition, but also about the essential questions and themes all humans must answer and tackle. Through a mixture of high expectations, rigor, and creativity, she hopes to encourage students to question and come to their own conclusions about the world around them.

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Free Periods:

  • Before School 7:30-7:50
  • 5th Period
  • 7th Period
  • After School 2:30-3:30

The Wordy Teacher's Interests

The Wordy Teacher's Favorite Books

The Wordy Teacher's Favorite Music

Fly Me To The Moon
Regina Spektor - You've Got Time [Official Audio]
Led Zeppelin -- Immigrant song [LYRICS]