The Diary of Anne frank


The theme, we must have courage when faced with obstacles is shown throughout the diary of

Anne frank. There were many times during the family's’ stay in the annex when they had courage, even during the most difficult times. An example of courage is that mipe and mr Kraler are happy and cheerful even when they know they can suffer the same fate. Anne writes, “they would suffer the same fate that we would” (381). They could be killed for helping them. when Mr. frank came back from the camp that he was at to find the anix and all the memories that were there, Mr. Frank had to overcome what happened in the past (372). It took courage for mr. Frank to come back because he had to remember all of his love ones and the people that what were there with them like the vandans but now he's family and the vandans family were all killed in death camp except for him. Theses are examples of the theme courage.


The theme, we all have to persevere through things in order to survive is shown throughout the diary of Anne frank. In the anix the people had to follow the rules like not speaking above a whisper, they could not use the sink and the bathroom, they must not throw anything away. At first when they moved in mr frank was explaining the rules and this what he said.“every sound can be heard down there, not only in the work rooms but in the offices too”(375). This shows that they had to preserver by staying silent for a long period of time. Another example of perseverance is when Anne said in her diary that, “we have been here now for one year, five months, and twenty - five days” (411). This is perseverance because they had to be in the anix for a long time without leaving it and had to be with the same people


A Mouse represents Peter because Peter is as quiet as I mouse and he's very shy as a mouse. Peter is shy because peter has spent most of his time in his room. Evidence that Peter is quite is that when they arrived he was quiet and only keeper to himself. “He hasn't finished his lessons, has he? His father will kill him if he catches him in there with at cat and his work not done.” (382) this shows that Peter is shy because he keeps to himself and stays in his room