Downloading Microsoft 365

How to dowload 365 on to your home computer.

RCS and most universities give you a few free downloads of Microsoft Office. (Excel, Word, Powerpoint, etc). At RCS we have up to 4 additional downloads. Don't forget that one copy is your work computer! You can add and deactivate at any time.

Here are the steps.

1. Log in to your RCS email and click on the wheel. Scroll down to your app settings and Office 365.

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2. Select Install Status. You will now see how many copies of Microsoft you have downloaded. You can see that I have my home computer and office computer.

3. To download a copy of Microsoft Office on to your current computer- click "Install desktop applications. (See above in red).

4. You will be asked to log in (RCS Email and password). It will then walk you step by step through downloading Microsoft Office on to your home computer.

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