Element Bonding Hanukkah Party

Carter Kopel

Secret Menorah! (Covalent Compounds)

It's that time of year again! Don't forget the buy a gift and be a Secret Menorah! Hopefully the gift you receive this year will increase your stability (covalent bonds increase stability) and give you the full holiday experience (full outer electron shell)! As always, the company is offering an incentive to emphasize the holiday's significance of the oil lasting 8 whole days. If the prices of the gifts you are giving and receiving add up to a number ending in 8, you win a prize (outermost electrons are shared to make 8 = Octet Rule)! But due to the profuse amount of collusion and cheating that occurred last year, this incentive is only available to employees on floors 4 through 8 (Non-Metals). Congratulations to last years winner: Homer H. (H20).

Dreidel! Dreidel! Dreidel! (Metallic Bonds)

It's all in the wrist! Are you a high roller this year? Throw your pocket change (outermost electrons) into the sea of coins, and maybe the tides will turn in your favor! Only metal coins are eligible wagering chips 'cause everyone remembers last year when Stan LeSteel almost wagered the deed to his house! Although, maybe we could have allowed this, his properties have improved due to a loan from his parents, Al and Loy (Alloys improve properties of elements)! So bring your money, you must pay to play, and everyone has a chance to win (each metal donates electrons and then they are shared)!

Hanukkah Bonus! (Ionic Bonds)

Tis the season for all to be jolly! In this establishment we express our recognition of the those less fortunate than us by donating to them. Therefore, all employees on the top floor (Metals) must donate a small, reasonable portion of their final paycheck of the year (outermost electrons) to a worker on the ground floor (Non-metals). A great shoutout goes to Nathan Branch (NaBr - sodium bromine) for the largest bonus donation in this company's existence. It is a great honor to this company to see people of two different economic classes bonding (opposite charged ions transferring outermost electrons)!