Do You Suffer From A Brain Tumor?

The Florida Center for Brain Tumor Research (FCBTR) is conducting an observational study of the effect and cause of brain tumors. The study has been going on since the the month March of the year 2006. It is expected to be done in December of 2016 As of the date of this article the study has around four hundred volunteers and participants. They have collected tissue samples from surgeries and are using those to see what makes it up and how it is caused. The Procedure used is a tissue bank.

To be eligible you can be either male or female, child or adult, but you need to be going through brain surgery at some point in the future for certain to be eligible. The location is in Florida's brain tumor research facility FCBTR in Gainesville, Florida. The responsible party is the University of Florida. The process is during brain surgery they take a sample of the offending tumor and use it for research. So if you have a brain tumor do your part to make sure others don't get them by giving the doctors permission to take a sample of the tumor on your head!