John Cabot

By: Jordyn Marquis

John Cabot's Background

John Cabot was born 1450 in Genoa, Italy. At the age of 11, his family had moved to Venice, that is where he had learned sailing and navigation from some Italian seamen and merchants. John Cabot's dad was a merchant and John idolized his father who was also an expert mariner. He also married a woman named Mattea and he had 3 sons while he was still in Venice. John also became a Venetian Citizen (residence of Venice) in 1476. Eventually John had to move to Port Bristol because nobody would fund him money to go to Asia.

John Cabot's Achievements/Discoveries

In 1497, Cabot traveled by sea to Canada, where he made a claim to land for England, mistaking the North American land for Asia. He also explored Eastern Canada and claimed Newfoundland, Canada. Cabot became famous for his map-making and being one of the first to attempt to find a route to the Far East. John Cabot was the first recorded sailor to go out that far north and come back.

John Cabot's Impact on World Or World Today

In John Cabot's home country of Italy, in the city of Rome, there was a college named after him and it still provides education for people today. Also the colonies that Cabot helped establish have become now modern day America and Canada. His discoveries had led to the colonization of, Canada, Labrador, and Cape Brenton Island. Cabot's adventurism and explorations created a trail for future explorers to refine maps and discover even more of his and Columbus's discoveries.

Interesting Facts

  • John Cabot's real name was Giovanni Caboto.
  • John Cabot's ship name was "The Mathew."
  • John Cabot went on the ship with 18 men as his crew and it weighed 50 tons.
  • On Cabot's second voyage, on the way back peolpe believe his ship sank because they lost contact with England and the ship was never found.
  • John Cabot went to Newfoundland twice and the first time he didn't touch land but the second time he touched land near Maine and Quebec.
  • John Cabot's sons were named Lewis, Sebastian, and Santius.